Mangoo Pickle? Such a peculiar name!

    Where does it come from? Let’s keep that question for later, when we meet face to face.
    Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. How about, we help you in your communication, your events and your decor, scenery, setting, however you want to call it!
    Many of you know that we usually wear our artistic event organisers hats. Many of you also know us from our artistic initiatives like Close Up or La Vitrine, but we’re not stopping there.
    Mangoo Pickle also has a creative studio where we strive to bring your project to life. The craziest ideas are born here. Creative Studio allows us to mix passion, creativity, work, pleasure and MONEY - no need to be coy, we all need that, right?

    Mangoo Pickle is home to wonderful people with so many talents: graphic designers, interior designer, filmmaker, photographer, scenographer, illustrator, etc In other words, this department was built to create your ads, photoshoots or video shoots, your shop displays, your exhibitions or yet again, to help you organise your events.



    Creation is not the only thing we do. We give a soul, a personality and consistency to every visual identity we work on. Your communication strategy can be well built or under construction but either way, we will accompany you in building a strategy that will convey the image of your product, your brand, your event or even your artist in a better way. In other words, we do what you expect us to do in WEB and PRINT (poster, flyer, business cards, stickers, packaging,...)


    Should you want to immortalise the best moments of your events in video or do a professional photoshoot, our team is here to capture the best pics in a very aesthetic, precision and modern way. It’s going to be beautiful, we can promise you that.


    Our team has been growing for some time now and we are happy to introduce you to our newest service. We will gladly help you bring your vision to life. It could be the setting for an event, theatre, a shop display, a cultural centre or the final tableau for a photo shoot. With our 2 scenographers, we will gladly share our expertise and (re)do your office and your space making them unique and perfect cocoon.


    Many asked and she shall give! We are now launching our event organisation service. Mangoo Pickle is here with the whole team: cameraman, photographer, caterer and decorator. In other words, the complete package to build your custom-made event. Do you need a unique, out-of-the-ordinary decor? Some surprising, sparkling flavour? We have everything you need and it will be our pleasure to record and save these happy moments in our cameras.